Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall Decorating on a Budget

There’s just something about decorating for fall that gives us the warm fuzzies! It may be the promise of cool, crisp evenings with brilliant sunsets, or the fact that fall decorating is all about creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. The fun thing about fall decorating is that it’s easy and inexpensive. Here are a few of our favorite fall decor ideas that are easy to accomplish on a shoestring budget.

  • Hit your local nursery, grocery store and fabric store for fall color. Place potted chrysanthemums, pansies, croton, purple fountain grass, or flowering kale on your front porch, in your foyer, or around your fireplace to add color. Tuck some mini pumpkins, Indian corn, or gourds around the base of the plants. Instead of spending money on pots, wrap the plant containers in fall print remnants from the fabric store.
  • Scavenge your yard for fresh ornamental cuttings. Put on your gardening gloves, grab your cutting shears and a basket, and head outside for some free decor. Fall leaves, small branches, ivy, ornamental grasses, flower blooms, pinecones, and seed pods make great accents. Arrange cuttings on your mantel or dining table with LED flameless candles and small gourds, or place branches and blooms in a large mason jar or vintage pitcher.
  • Get creative with pumpkins. There are lots of fun things you can do with a pumpkin besides carving a jack-o-lantern. Try painting some pumpkins in fall colors that coordinate with your home’s decor (we’re big fans of white pumpkins). Or wrap a few large pumpkins in light strands to light up your front porch. Make pumpkin topiaries by stacking three or four on top of a planter, largest to smallest, and wrap then in garland or light strands.
  • Create a focal point in your kitchen. In lieu of spreading fall decor all over your kitchen, pick a counter & decorate that! Fill a vase with some wheat, add a few pumpkins & a candle for an adorable look!
  • Get cozy with it. Place a few fall-inspired throw blankets around your house in plaids or other fall hues. This not only adds some fall vibes but it’s also practical for when temps start to drop.
  • Spruce up your living room seating. It’s so easy to spice up your living room by throwing some fall-colored pillows on your sofa & love seat. Whether you prefer to keep them cohesive throughout the room or want as many pillows as you can get, you can’t go wrong.
  • Candles, candles, candles. Fall-scented candles are a must when it comes to fall decorating tricks! You can add them to any room. Try to go for candles with pretty packaging so they can serve as cute decorations as well!
  • Fill baskets with fall decor. Pick up some woven or metal baskets to display & store your favorite fall items. Whether you toss in fall-colored blankets or pillows or store some pumpkins in there, you can do no wrong with this simple, yet effective decor idea!
  • More ideas for fabrics. You don’t need a sewing machine to make use of fall fabrics. Many fabric stores stock fall prints or have remnant pieces for quilting. Fold a couple of yards of plaid fleece like a throw blanket and drape it over a chair.  Wrap your throw pillows in a yard of a fall print and secure it with craft ribbon or safety pins. Fold the raw edges under and iron to make a simple table runner. Wind strips of fabric around a grapevine wreath or use them to tie big bows around your pumpkin stems.

If you love decorating as much as we do, make sure you tag us on Instagram (@thefloodsrealestate) and Facebook (The Floods Real Estate) so we can see your beautiful fall decorations!

Onto the less fun stuff…

Wouldn’t it just be awesome if all you needed to get your home ready for the fall season was a little home decor and pumpkin spice? While decorating for fall is one of the best parts, there are more important (and less fun) tasks that come with being a homeowner which include prepping your home for the changing season. Click HERE to download a copy of our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist and rest easy knowing your home is fully prepared for the season!

We hope you’re enjoying the new season as much as we are. If you have any real estate questions or we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Fall, y’all!

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Home Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Keeping Your Home Clean With Your Furry Friends

We all cherish our precious pets— I mean what’s not to love? The cute facial expressions, affectionate hellos, constant companionship, and sleepy snuggle sessions.

While there’s SO much to love about our fur babies, there is an extra demand of keeping your house clean and tidy.

Handle your pet’s mess like a boss with a few simple tricks:

•Change the air filters in your home on schedule. This reduces pet dander and dust.
•Try taking your pet to the groomer or brushing their coat regularly to help control shedding.
•Put towels near the entryways you use when letting/taking your pup out to wipe their paws after they go outside.
•Consider purchasing a Roomba/Roomba alternative. This has been a lifesaver in our household and there are so many affordable alternatives that work great!
•Give your bud a bath/shower regularly (but not too many as you don’t want to strip essential oils or give them dry skin). This will help keep both your dog and home smelling fresh!
•Make sure you have a few lint rollers around. These are perfect for getting dog and cat hair off pillows, clothes, etc.
•Regularly clean your pet’s collars, dog beds, and toys. These items may be a bit easier to overlook but it’s important to wash these items to keep them clean as well as keeping them from smelling.

For some more tips on keeping your home clean with pets, visit this article: https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/clean-and-organize/cleaning-tips-for-pet-owners-pictures

Considering Adopting a Dog?

Have you been considering making a four-legged friend an addition to the family? If you’re looking to adopt a dog in the Cleveland area, we recommend Oshie’s Tail Wagon Rescue & Transport.

Oshie’s TaiI Wagon Rescue & Transport is an amazing 100% volunteer, foster-based nonprofit rescue that saves dogs that have been abandoned or neglected and are about to be destroyed in kill-shelters. The rescue does not focus on specific breeds and saves dogs of all ages, sizes, predicaments, etc. They believe they have more of an impact on the homeless pet situation by establishing relationships and providing services for shelter & other rescues.

The rescue has great reviews from many people from all over the country and has received the GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency in both 2018 and 2019.

Ruby’s Story

We adopted our sweet Ruby from Oshie’s and are so glad we did. Ruby had been attacked by multiple dogs and left at a kill-shelter with serious injuries in a laundry basket. She had to have a few surgeries (including over a dozen vet visits) and stitches in four areas.

We adopted her weeks after her attack with her wounds still healing. We weren’t sure what to expect from her after she had been through all of that. Would she be feisty? Timid? Standoffish?…not that we’d blame her, it would be understandable. She was quite the opposite, though. She was happy, vibrant, loving, sweet, and incredibly trusting especially considering what had happened to her.

Ruby celebrated her 1-year Gotcha Day just a few weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful to have adopted her. She’s been such a blessing to us. She wakes up everyday, just happy to be alive and her optimism is contagious. Ruby is so thankful to be here and we’re thankful to Oshie’s Tail Wagon & Rescue for allowing us to adopt our sweet pup.

If you have any questions about this organization or our experience with it, please don’t hesitate to reach out and please consider adopting and not shopping. With over 1.4 million adoptable dogs being killed every year in kill shelters, there are plenty of dogs whose lives need saving.


For more information on this rescue, please visit the organization’s Facebook page:


Here is a link to the organization’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oshiestailwagon/

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5 Tips For Making Memories In Your New Home

Let’s Make Some Memories

What comes to mind when you think back to your childhood home? One of the best things we can do for our children is to create lasting memories. These often come from family traditions that are repeated throughout their lives. Whether your children will one day come home to visit the house they grew up in, or if you are a family that will move many times during your children’s lives, repeating traditions will help reinforce memories even if the location changes.

Here are some ideas for creating memories outside of the usual holiday traditions.

1. Plan a regular activity in which everyone participates.

Whether once a week, once a month, or every few months, plan an activity that the whole family is required to attend, and doesn’t involve screen time. This can be game night, a walk through the neighborhood, a family talent show, crafting days, or camping in the back yard or the living room. Get creative!

2. Decorate year-round.

Seasonal decorations don’t have to be limited to major holidays, and you don’t have to break your back or the bank putting them out. It can be as simple as changing your front door wreath or front porch décor, adding a seasonal change to your fireplace mantel, or changing out place settings in the dining room. In addition to celebrating the changing seasons and major holidays, have some fun by getting creative on Cinco de Mayo, Shark Week, or National Dog Week.

3. Put on some tunes.

Music helps develop children’s minds and bodies in many ways. Exposure can help them in school and may instill a lifelong love of music and an interest in playing instruments. Share your favorite songs with your children, and show an interest in theirs, by playing music during family dinners, game night, play time, or during household chores.

4. Develop a neighborhood spirit.

Get to know your neighbors, and create memories for everyone, by organizing community get-togethers. You’ll make family friends and your family will remember many great times in your neighborhood. Friday afternoon porch parties, flag football or kickball games, a dog friendly block party, or a neighborhood community service project are just a few ideas for bringing people together.

5. Start a family journal.

Your family journal may become a priceless treasure one day. You might start by recording something each family member is grateful for daily or weekly. Add everyone’s favorite memories from holidays or family vacations. As your children grow, let them write about the things they consider to be significant in their lives. Reading back through your family journal later on may be poignant, hilarious, or a mystery, but you won’t regret the time you spend recording your memories together.

Moving into a new home is a big deal and a big change. Coming up with ideas on how to create memories in your new home may not seem that important but you’ll be glad you did years down the road.

For some great design tips on making your house a home, we highly recommend these ideas by HGTV: https://www.hgtv.com/design/design-blog/design/7-ways-to-make-your-house-a-home

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Get Your Home Spring-Ready

Is Your Home Prepared For Spring?

It’s no secret that springtime can breathe new life into a home. And in many markets, spring is the most popular time to buy or sell. Freshly manicured lawns and immaculate interiors add a certain appeal that may not be there during other seasons.

A property that’s in excellent condition is sure to catch the eye of a buyer. Even if your home isn’t currently on the market, it’s a good idea to make a habit of regular upkeep.

As the days get longer, so could the list of buyers in your neighborhood. Spring may be the most popular time to sell, but is your home ready?

Ready to tackle your home maintenance tasks? Here’s your spring to-do list.

Check out this more in-depth article from Houzz for more ways you can get your house as spring-ready as possible! https://www.houzz.com/magazine/your-spring-home-maintenance-checklist-stsetivw-vs~62779344

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